Sunday, September 8, 2019

GO BLUE: Predictive Modelling Crappers Share Their Child Welfare Gerrymandering False Claims Methodologies For Stealin' Children, Land & Votes

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Look at this shit.

This is straight up, forced migration operations.

This is how they predict to redraw voting districts.

This is gerrymandering by navigating population flows through Michigan’s privatized child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

This is forecasting due process by generating mutational algorithms to privatize the justice system and determine the statistical likelihood that one will be poor, or rather, "abused and neglected".

This is predictive modeling crap and I am going to prove it.

These people are doing quantitative variables of how much money they can make off these kids in econometrics, you know, to maximize revenues, to generate the best interests of the child in financial forecasts of Social Impact Bonds by co-signing and hustling their crap as policy for the State of Michigan through the Department of Health and Human Services and State Court Administrative Office.

Yes, this is a Public Private Partnership, where we have no freaking clue as to what they do with the data, other than lobby it through their publications that say they are the experts because they came up with this crap all by themselves.

 These people have data sets for the double jacket populations, or rather kids who are in foster care and juvenile justice at the same time, you know, like they were doing for years in Wayne County under the "Bill Smith, Will Smith" model where they change the first name of the kid, then copy and paste the data into another child welfare program.

They are doing live, human subject research on "The Poors" through predictive modeling crap, because this is Evolutionary Psychology.

Lifeboat Foundation - Children's Trusts

They have full access to all the data.

Your medical records, education, legal history, family history, then they predict on which program they come up with to bill Medicaid they can make off you when they assign all your rights over to the corporate parent.

They even have your social data.

These people have full access to all our state and local meshed systems information and they do it through those Public Private Partnerships, which are a just a Gordian Knot of what they like to call corporate layering, through complex financial fraud schemes.

Think about that, organ donor data, blood bank data, DNA, RNA, even voting data.

These assholes have already linked through Microsoft with the county register of deeds offices so they can do a click of the button transfer of property and taxes.

U of M runs the land bank studies that come up with this is civil asset forfeiture to the trust under the corporate parent for the civil debt of being poor, more intuitively understood as economic eugenics under chattel law.

 They redistrict neighborhoods through CPS and you can look at Grand Rapids zip codes and generational cohorts.

Look at the Wayne County Property Tax Foreclosures fore 2016 and what these Predictive Modeling Crappers call "abuse and neglect".

This is modern human trafficking, a residual of the peculiar institution.

This is forced migration, a crime of war and they promulgated to "The Elected Ones" to cover up their nefarious activities they call maximizing revenues.

They groom their legislative spokestokens.

You will not find one whisper of missing data, researcher bias, dirty data, or straight up fraud, well documented in legal actions, audits, and media on the Michigan Child Welfare System.

What these Predictive Modeling Crappers are trying to do is to take over the world, one kid at a time.

There is not single peep about what went on in Detroit or Flint, yet they publish their findings on why the state needs to pump more money to make more laws to privatize more programs they come up with to make kids learn better without acknowledging the massive foreclosures or federal investigations addressing the manufactured child poverty, homelessness, blight and child trafficking that makes it hard for a kid to learn.

That means they are all working together because I believe Nancy Edmunds is done presiding over this matter and is about to hand off to federal oversight.

There is no verification that these data are not from fake identities because we know they are.

There is no passion nor human compassion in predictive modeling because the individuals who purport this crap of controlling humans do not even come from the United States and are a very, very, very twisted group of individuals when it comes to their personal time.

You heard me.

I bet I could run a very simple regression to show a perfect correlation between rates of child removals and redistricting.

Oh, wait, I already did.


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