Wednesday, April 20, 2011



More taxpayer spending to send more students to college will not reduce unemployment or
improve the economy. It's just a new way of finagling the unemployment statistics by listing young people as students instead of as unemployed.

There is a falsehood being propagated that solving the unemployment problem requires "more investments in education." Investment in education is so high that graduates cannot fund their debt. Universities are the only entities whose prices are rising faster than the price of oil.

Newsflash, it's not only blue collar jobs that got shipped overseas. You can now get everything from computer programming to plastic surgery cheaper someplace else, and if you work someplace else you won't have to worry about baseless lawsuits, never ending red tape, redundant paperwork or extortionist tuition bills.

If the crash of the real estate market is any indicator of how Universities are doing compared to the taxpayers that fund them, Universities are probably the only entity not defaulting on their mortgages and actually acquiring more property with your, our, taxpayer money while the people that pay for them default.

The Center for College Affordability and Productivity found that approximately 60 percent of the increase in the number of college graduates from 1992 to 2008 now work in relatively low-skilled jobs that need only a high-school diploma or less. The actual count is 17.4 million college grads working in occupations such as cashier, waiter, waitress or bartender.

Given the current state of the so called "professional fields" medical and legal field, the waiter, waitress or bartender probably makes more money, has a better quality of life, less debt and less stress and can actually have a life outside of work.

The fact that there is no education improvement even while spending has skyrocketed is a disaster unparalleled in any other field. Taxing people trillions of dollars for political paybacks to worthless programs.

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