Monday, June 6, 2011

Value of a College Degree is crashing faster than the housing market

Children in the U.S. are taught that a college education is the ticket to a good job. But the cost of a college education is rising, and the supposed benefits are more elusive than conventional wisdom would suppose. The National Inflation Association reveals the scam behind the myth of the college education.No wonder, then, that according to Time Magazine, a recent poll shows that:

“... a majority of Americans think colleges fail to deliver enough bang for their buck. Of 2,142 adults surveyed, 57 percent said the higher education system in the U.S. fails to provide students with good value for the money they and their families spend.

Colleges only interested in lining their own pockets
1. Federal grant and loan programs allow college costs to be overinflated for the value being offered at Colleges
2. Textbooks is a kickback industry
3. College tutition has 5%+ price inflation even though the housing market is down over 20% and the dow is down 18%. College is the only thing in America except for healthcare that did not decline in price.
4. College costs over $100k and you are NOT guaranteed a job.

A senior in high school that invests $30k in i.e. silver would be able to buy a median priced home in 4 years. Whereas his contemporaries going to college will come out over $100k in debt and NO JOB.

Total cost of college:

$186,000 college degree
$61,000 interest paying college loans
$212,000 lost income

Total cost of college: $460,000

Disclaimer: the posted video is a commercial to buy gold and silver and National Institute of Inflation. We do

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